Sometimes In Life You FAIL

This backpack has doubled as both a purse for me and diaper bag for the girls. Needless to say, it has some wear and tear. There are a few stains in particular that I was unable to get out so I decided to dye it black.

Well, that didn’t work out so great. I used a liquid dye and a bucket to apply. It was recommended that I stir constantly for 30-60 min so I let it sit for 35 min. I rinsed it until the water ran fairly clear and let it dry outside. MAJOR MISTAKE. That plan probably would have worked out perfect if it wasn’t for the RAINSTORM that night. I completely forgot that the bag was outside. There it hung, in the rain, all night.

Obviously the results are less than desirable. It is very spotty and no where near the color black.

Where I went wrong:

  • I don’t think I used enough dye. I used one 8 oz. container but I think it needed two since I was going from such a light to dark color.
  • I should have left it in to soak longer. Next time I will let it soak for the full hour.
  • Even though I tried my best to stir it CONSTANTLY, an hour is a long time. In the future I will probably follow the washer machine directions.
  • Lastly, do not leave it outside in a rainstorm.

There you have it folks, stay tuned to see if I redeem myself.

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