Episode 2 of “Home Free” on Fox (My Thoughts)

*SPOILER ALERT* I am going to be discussing the outcomes of Episode 2. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can follow this LINK

So we made it through the second elimination! We are really excited and happy to be one step closer to our dream home. I mean, this house was in pretty bad shape. 

We were picked on the Gold team that was tasked with the basement. The basement needed to have a home theatre and gym (score!) and it had to have an overall classic cottage theme. As you can see it needed a lot of work. 

Aside from the overall design and build each couple was in charge of individual tasks. We decided to do a coat rack, shadow box artwork, and remote control holder (not pictured).    So let’s talk about the elephant in the room, in this case the COAT RACK! I had a vision for this to be a cottage inspired coat rack that also could stand alone as a piece of art. Well let’s just say the judges were not a fan. My personal aesthetic lends to bringing in nature and incorporating it in a way that keeps its natural beauty and integrity in tact. Of course I could have painted, widdled or in some way altered the wood. I still love it, and if I had to do again I would leave it exactly the same.  

 What wasn’t aired was the shadow box made from a discarded window pane and filled with brown and green acorns. If I might say, it turned out pretty DOPE! I absolutely loved this piece. In conjunction with the coat rack, they were very cohesive and made sense. 

Overall I know it’s all a matter of taste and I respect everyone’s opinion because there is no wrong view, only  your personal likes and dislikes. 


  1. I gravitated to the shadow box as it was shown in brief. I thought it was executed beautifully & the creative aesthetic was just outstanding just as the coat rack!! Matter of good taste

    1. Thank you Abena! I was very pleased with the outcome of all of our projects and the overall look and feel of the basement.

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