Candy Pizza

I can’t think of a single food that gets equal excitement from both kids and adults. Making homemade pizza is a great way to get kids involved and explore their creativity when it comes to the toppings. It probably comes as no surprise that when I asked my three year old what she wanted on her pizza she said, CANDY! Now, before you think that my mom card should be revoked for indulging my little ones sweet tooth. I say to you, you’re only a kid once and everything in moderation. So now for the deets!

For the crust I used mini blueberry waffles. These are great for sharing with siblings or friends because they pull right apart for bite size eating. The sauce can be Jelly, peanut butter, or even Nutella. For the toppings we used skittles and marshmallows, but the sky is the limit as far as candy is concerned and really depends on taste. This would be an awesome party activity for the little ones to get involved in. 

I put them in the broiler for 3 minutes or until the marshmallows are golden and gooey. Now you can enjoy a fun dessert!



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