Pay It Forward Friday (Small Businsses)

In an effort to increase the movement to pay it forward, I will be paying it forward every Friday in some form or fashion (God Willing). Today I would like to spotlight small businesses. I often shop at big box stores because they are convient. Recently I have been feeling really guilty about shopping at these mega stores because I know so many small businesses that need customers and traffic. Furthermore, they often offer a better product and customer service. Therefore, I am vowing today that I will no longer support big businesses! I am going to spend my dollars where it counts.   

  I came across a gem of a store. Fittingly, their store name is Affordable Treasures! I was so happy that I stopped in because they had all of the household items that I needed. I was able to buy diapers, toiletries and a laundry hamper. To top it off the owners carried my things to the car. These entrepreneur sisters know how to do business!  Check them out at: 

1489 Mundy’s Mill Rd. Jonesboro, Ga 30236

 I was so motivated to only shop small that I returned the diapers that I bought the day before. If you see me at one of those mega stores in the future please fell free to pull my coat tail and remind me of this post!


  1. That’s a great idea. We usually try to eat at mom and pop restaurants but I’ll try harder to find little affordable stores

  2. Yes, we subscribe to the practice of “Black Friday”; any purchases made on Fridays should be from a business owned by a person of color; which tend to be small businesses in our community. We want our money to circulate within Our Community as much and as long as possible. Love You Aidah!

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