The Ancient Art of Henna (Henna Tattoo video included)

Henna also known as Henna Tattoos are awesome and if you have not tried it yet, you should, here is why. Henna is an ancient tradition that spans the globe from Africa to Pakistan. The paste used to make this dye actually comes from the “henna” plant. This paste has no added chemicals and is completely safe and often organic.

Check out how beautiful and quick it was to do mine:

  Henna is especially seen on women during celebrations like weddings and holidays. For me, I have been getting henna since I was little whether there was a special occasion or not. There is something about henna that makes me feel particularly feminine and fancy.   I attended a henna party where several ladies and we all got adorned and it was great! Some of the attendees had never gotten henna but were really happy that they did. In fact, they said this would be the theme for there upcoming party.

  The artist that did our henna was a seasoned vet and literally took 5 minutes per person! Most were freestyle designs and some were special requests never using a stencil or guide. If you are in the Metro Atlanta Area contact the artist HERE.

Do yourself a favor and go and getting your HENNA done!


    1. Yes I know a lot of people that use it on their hair. It will be completely gone in about a month but will start to fade in about a week or two.

  1. I remember first seeing henna tattoos over 10 years ago in high school. My friend would always get them. Another friend recently got married and there was a ceremony for it. I always thought it was cool, but never got one.

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