Pay it Forward Friday (Crowd Funding)

Its that time again, Pay it Forward Fridays! Before I go on though, I feel the need to have a disclaimer. It feels very foreign to broadcast good deeds, whether big or small. I am of the philosophy that if one gives with their right hand their left hand shouldn’t even know it. With that being said I am hoping, and praying, that perhaps this inspires, including myself, a charitable nature.


This week I am going to support a crowd funding campaign. I know that crowd funding is very popular now-a-days and some of the campaigns are, how do I say, RIDICULOUS! However let’s not be jaded by the bad apples because there are a lot of campaigns that are worthy of support. If you don’t know of any campaigns personally you can always scroll the website to find some that you like. The one I have chosen is of a family looking to relocate from Metro Atlanta to Oregon to find community. Check it out, and support if it moves you!


  1. I loved the way the sister discribed community, but did not hear about the community that she is striving to move too. I guess this gives me more cause to check out her gofundme campaign. Thanks for the Friday inspiration.

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