Hijabi Summer Survival Kit

Well it’s summer time and that means it’s time for the question ” Are you hot”? Welp, the answer is probably yes, because it’s SUMMER! Ok, I know the question is meant to inquire about the extra clothing that I am perceived to have on. The truth is I might be extra hot if I didn’t follow these simple rules.

  1. Light weight, loosely woven scarf that lets air in. It’s time to put away the wool scarves!
  2. Linen or linen blend wide leg pants. We do not wear shorts so it’s important to pick a pant that is not to heavy or tight.
  3. Thin long sleeve shirt. Try to avoid multiple layers. A chambray shirt is a perfect example of something that is lightweight, longsleeved and easy to wear.
  4. Maxi Skirt.  I can’t stress this one more. The versatility, season appropriateness of this item makes it the number one summer must have!

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