Silver Jewelry Designs


(Sorry for the blurry pictures) Jewelry and Accessories have always been a passion of mine. I absolutely get this love of adornment from my mom. She is always matching her wardrobe and accessories. Growing up I would  go in her jewelry box and put on all that I could find! It is only natural that I would grow up and love to not only wear, but also design and craft jewelry myself.

Silver Ring

Silver is tricky because it can easily tarnish and take away from the overall shine and beauty of the pieces. To solve this problem I always like to put a light patina (darkening agent) on all my silver jewelry.

bezel ring 2

bezel ring

Stones are a great way to add that extra color, personality and shine to a piece.

swirl earring

swirl earring2

Doing a free hand design is the most challenging yet satisfying design work. I designed these earrings with a paisley design as my inspiration. It has been a while since I picked up a torch and designed but a skill that is still close to my heart.




  1. I am so proud; and there are lots more designs of your jewlery that I like.

    By the way, that explains what happen to my stuff, lol 🙂

  2. I absolutely admire your ability to create such beautiful jewelry! I am an avid jewelry lover myself, I actually worked at a television network that sold very high end jewelry for over 7 years. I think accessories totally complete your look when done right!

  3. I sell jewelry through a direct sales company and people are always asking me if I design jewelry and tell them I’m not that talented. Lol But I admire people who are. Your pieces are beautiful.

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