Pay it Forward Friday (Nature Preserve)

Friday has always been my favorite day, but it has a new found love for me, because of PIFF! This week I had the pleasure of visiting the Reynold’s Nature Preserve.  

I stumbled upon this urban preserve and fell in love with the trails and scenery. While exploring, we had the pleasure of meeting the coordinators and rangers. It is evident that the park rangers love what they do by the glimmer in their eyes when they talk about the preserve.  

 We quickly turned this impromptu trip into a lesson for my daughter and niece. We quickly got creative and told a fairy tale of story that kept them intrigued and learning. They were so happy to walk through as the princesses of the forest. I already knew I loved this preserve but this sign sealed the deal. Remind you of anything? The Infamous Coat Rack

I had to donate to this worthy cause. I encourage others to give to their local parks.  

 And the girls had a blast. How will you pay it forward? 


  1. Good Information and such a good cause. We need to take our responsibility to the earth and the gifts the Creator has given us seriously. And in the mean time enjoy the wonders of it all.

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