Sophia’s Naturals Product Review

You may remember that I first I came across Sophia’s Naturals while visiting this Farmers Market.  Ever since I tried their shampoo and leave in conditioner for my girls, I was sold. Not only are the products great but so is the story behind the brand.

Sophia’s Naturals began in 2009 and was started by Erin Evans and her husband Tye Evans. We are a small family business based in Jonesboro, GA that offers natural, handmade vegan soaps, bath and body care products. Our children Sophia and Noah are the namesakes of the company and the reason behind our brand.

Because I love the products so much I thought it only right to do a review!

I got the Eucalyptus Soap and first off you notice how wonderful the smell is. I have chronic allergies that can be triggered by perfumes and scents but I was pleasantly surprised that this did not cause any sneezing or nose itching.

    The lather on this soap is low but still exists, which is a good sign. Too much foam and bubbles usually indicates that there are harsh chemicals present. 

 The body scrub is “the good stuff”. It is literally made of sugar and butters. It is thick and gritty which might sound harsh but in a body scrub that is what you want. It gets down to the nitty gritty and “buffs” your skin a new. Leaving a nice shiny and moisturized feeling to the touch.

Finally, I tried out the face mask.  It comes  in a powder form and is made of clay. Once hydrated and formed into a paste I applied it on my face. After a minute or two I felt a little tingle which to me,  means it’s working!   Because this mask has no chemicals I even felt ok with letting my little one join in on the fun. Once dry, we rinsed it off and my skin felt smooth and ultra clean.


Overall these products are a must have in my household. I cannot see any reason to buy my personal care products elsewhere. If you are interested in any of the products you can buy them on their WEBSITE or buy in person at 9442 South Main St., Ste 107, Jonesboro, GA. Support this business people!


  1. Lovely, I enjoy how you involve your girls. Such good information and great experience for them. I think I will try these products and I am not usually a “vegan” product person. So let’s see maybe you can bring me over to the “Pure” side.

  2. Greeting Sis,
    I don’t think I have ever been to your blog before. I really like it… I love your headscarf and your daughter is adorable. I am glad you found natural products that work for you. It is so hard to find ethical products that are also good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That body scrub looks like it really works for keeping skin healthy and glowing. I’ve had that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat, so oats, milk and honey are great.

  4. Your skin looks really good! I have yet to find natural skin care products and shampoos and conditioners that actually work for me. I stick with the store bought items to lessen the risk but thanks for sharing. I may consider trying one of their products.

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