Nontraditional Fall Colors and My Fall Gripe

Fall is Here! Fall is Here! As you can tell, I’m pretty excited! This is, hands down, my favorite season. From the clothing to the ambiance, I just can’t get enough of fall. With that being said, I do have one gripe about the season, PUMPKINS! I get it, pumpkins are traditionally the sign of fall and they are dirt cheap at Walmart. However, there are many ways to ring in this awesome season other than with pumpkins, and cinnamon, and leaves when it comes to decorating your home (insert frustrated fist pump!)  I decided to see what colors Pantone has “picked” for the season and here they are.



I am really digging the Biscay Bay, Marsala, and Desert Sage colors and feel like they represent, to me, what the season can be. Whether you follow Pantone’s color choices or not, Fall is simply a chance to bring in more rich, deep, and saturated colors. That means you can use blues, and pinks just make sure they are richer in tone. An easy way to add a little fall  to your digs, are with throw pillows.


These lovely throw pillows incorporate the colors without being kitschy!  What are some colors that you will be bringing into your home for fall?


  1. Ha- I feel you~! I refused to have my house decorated in Halloween orange for the Fall and instead went with gold and white instead. I gold the faux white pumpkins from Target and they had gold patterns on them. Muuuuuch better than the traditional stuff.

  2. I really love Biscay Bay! The burgundy family works well for me during the fall. I use shades of greys, oxblood, aubergine, and other colors that run in that family.

  3. While I don’t necessarily change out my house at all according to the seasons, I admit, I actually LOVE seeing houses that do. I think I don’t because right now we’re living in a tiny shared space apartment, so when hubby and I do get our own space, I can really let my creative juices flow. I absolutely am loving the vibes from the color palette! Really mellow but yet fun.

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