Pay It Forward Friday: Day of Dignity

For the past few years I have heard about the “Day of Dignity” throughout the metro Atlanta area but never was apart of it. When I heard about it this year I knew that I had to volunteer. The day of Dignity is an outreach program that happens once a year where Clothing, Food, Medical Testings and Haircuts are provided to the needy. I know it probably sounds very naive but many of the people that were in the lines to get food etc. did not look like they were homeless or needy. It really made me think how easyily it could be me and my family in those lines.  

Although the “Day of Dignity” is only once a year there is a weekly food serving at Giving Back to Humaity where they are always looking for loyal volunteers and donations.

I noticed that many of the homeless were in need of socks so please pick up an extra pair when you go shopping to donate to those that are less fortunate.  You can read more about the nationwide movement and donate to Islamic Relief or Share Atlanta

If you know of an organization that is servicing the less fortunate in the Metro Atlanta Area please leave a comment so that I can spotlight them. 

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