Dresses with Pants

In my never ending quest for modern modesty, I constantly have to become creative when it comes to “hijabifying” an outfit. Some pieces are just too cute to pass up like this dress that I scored. 

Although I loved the dress there are two obvious problems; the lengths, and the sleeves. I paired this dress with a pair of khaki pants (yes pants!) and a cardigan and I was on my way.  

Turning dresses into tops is a great way to get the modest length that you are looking for. I’m not the only one doing it. Check out this pairing.  

 Not only do I love the dress with pants combo but I love the mixing of patterns! (But that’s a topic for another time). What say you, would you rock a dress as a top?


  1. I think these are just great; was having a conversation, and Hijab fashion is really in style. Look at all the plays on the Arbaya that are coming out! Love this!

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