Pay It Forward Friday: Needy Signs

Many of us encounter homeless individuals on the corner, under a bridge, or at your local corner store. Most of the time they have a sign or they will simply ask for spare change. Most people ignore them and go about their day, not thinking twice about what they said or asked for. They are not even afforded a look in the eye and a regretful, no. 

  To be honest, I even find myself holding my coins tight because “I don’t know what they are going to do with the money”. It’s assumed that they have ill intentions to smoke, inject, or drink away donations. I started reflecting on  just how messed up that way of thinking is. Who am I to judge and deem someone unworthy of money that I myself might squander away. Let’s try to not think the worst of people. I have actually never witnessed someone that asked for money go and buy drugs or alcohol.  

 I know you are probably thinking that the reason they are in their particular predicament is because of some vice or another. Why should you give your hard earned money to support someone’s habit? The truth is they might, but does that take away from you trying to do a good deed for someone. What if your money really does help them in a positive way, doesn’t that outweigh any possible wrong doing they may do?  Only God knows.  So the next time you see someone with a sign, do them a solid and help if you can. 

This is a reminder to myself, first and foremost. 


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