4 Steps to become a creative person

Alot of people tell me that they just aren’t “creative”. I get it, it seems like there are either people who have it or don’t. Well, I’m here to dispel that myth because no one is born a creative person. With that being said, there is a way to become a creative person in just 4 easy steps (insert wink). 

1. Get inspired: Finding inspiration is the biggest jump start in turning the wheels of creativity. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you want to spruce up your living space with an awesome DIY then search for something that will get you going. Now, that does not mean that you copy someone else’s work. You simply use inspiration to start with something. It’s pretty hard to copy someone’s work unless done deliberately. You will find that you will put your own spin on projects without even realizing it. My personal favorite source of inspiration comes from Pinterest. 

2. Set the mood. Figure out how ,or what, you like while creating. Do you like to listen to music or watch TV. Do you like to be with other people or by yourself. I personally like silence and solitude. Others like music blazing and people around them. It all depends on you. 

3.  Surround Yourself with creatives. The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” has real wisdom.  If you surround yourself with other people that are doing what you like to do, it will rub off on you. Before you know it you will start to bounce ideas off one another and vibe. 

4. Practice. It can sometimes be discouraging when you try something and are not that good at it at first. It’s easy to throw your hands up and come to the conclusion that you just don’t have “it”. I promise you, with practice you will get better at what it is you want to do and you will really start to enjoy the journey. 

Creativity comes in all forms whether sewing, drawing, designing and even lesson planning. We all have it in us, just let it out!

What do you like to create? Is there anything that you would add to the list?


  1. This is so comforting inspiring and encouraging! I think we all have a little creativity in us even though I dont feel that its my strong suit! This is very uplifting. I do agree that sometimes you need another pair of eyes to perfect something that you are lacking, because the most creative things I think come from other’s small suggestions. 🙂 I like to create, food/recipes that is…does that count. But otherwise I like rearranging a space.

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