Pay it Forward Friday: Sock Drive

With the temperatures dropping outside, a lot of us are probably thinking about sipping hot cocoa, that new sweater or making snowmen. Although these are perfectly fine winter thoughts, the harsh reality is that many of the homeless have the worst time in the colder months. Items as simple as clean and warm socks are a vitally important part of their well being. I recently participated in a sock drive to help with this very issue. It’s as simple as donating a few pairs of socks to your local charity. A great place to donate is through this SOCK DRIVE that I participated in. They accept drop off donations and monetary donations. 

  While volunteering at The Day of Dignity the number one requested item were SOCKS!  If you have a local sock man, hit him up! Believe me, it goes a long way to help the homeless during these cold fall and winter months. 

Know of a local homeless shelter or charity please feel free to drop a line below. 


  1. I live near the Star of Hope, located in Houston Texas on Ardmore. I see the children and women coming too and from, riding the bus and walking to destinations. I will take socks there for the cold weather.

    Star of Hope Transitional Living Center
    Address: 6801 Ardmore St, Houston, TX 77054
    Phone: (713) 748-7242

  2. I never thought about the homeless needing clean (and whole) socks. This post has me looking into drives that might be in my area in DC. So far nothing has come up- I may request it of one of my favorite charities.

  3. This is such a great cause and such great information to know. I am going to reach out to a local shelter and see if they are in need of socks. Thank you for this information.

  4. People are so focus on coatdrives, which are very nice but socks in the winter is a true necessity! I never really think of it so thanks for putting this in the forefront of my mind so I can donate!

  5. Thank you for shining light on this issue. When people donate, I think we typically forget how important socks are, especially in the cold, Winter months. I will keep this in mind also when donating.

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