Headboard Alternatives that will blow your mind!

I believe that a persons bedroom should be a place for comfort and rest. It is also a place that allows you to express creatively and break rules that you might not get away with in the rest of your home. I have put together a round up of 4 really awesome alternatives to the traditional headboard!

1. Wall Mural 

Can we say, statement piece! I mean you have no other choice but to be drawn to this bold yet serene feature in the room. This is a great alternative for those that are particularly artsy and have the space for such a predominate piece. This work was spotted HERE

2. Picture Frame. 

I am a sucker for using picture frames in unexpected ways. I love the way that they used this grandiose picture frame in front of a chalkboard wall so that you can make your own, ever changing, framed artwork. This design was found HERE

3. Tapestry


Hanging tapestries is most like my own personal style so I am definitely drawn to this design. The fact that this is draped to mimic a canopy is extra special in my book. You just might see this in my home very soon! Inspiration found HERE

4. Shelving

Lastly, we have the simplest, but very well executed alternative to a headboard. This is a project that you can do in under an hour but makes for a nice way to display artwork, books, and accessories. If you are looking for a bedroom update without much hassle, this is your guy. Read more HERE

Which is your favorite design? Do you have a headboard alternative that you would like to share? Feel free to drop a line or photo in the comments below!


  1. I love the mural. But only have room for the tapestry. I Like it to pick up subtle colors that pop. It makes me feel calm and invigorated simultaneously

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