Finding Inspiration: Hotel Design

I recently needed a staycation and was reminded at how awesomely designed a Hotel lobby can be. A hotel only has one chance to make a good impression so they usually put most of their efforts into the shared lobby space. Check out a few glimpses.



Lighting is important for so many reasons. It is your biggest chance to set the mood of the room as well as inject practical pieces of art. My husband absolutely loves lighting and how it can change the feel of a room and I have come to truly appreciate it as well.  

This hotel has gone for a monochromatic 1950’s Glam look and although it’s not my personal style I liked the way they executed this “theme” throughout.

  Aside from lighting, plants could be one of the most underrated items when it comes to interior design. Plants not only inject color but they also make a room feel complete. Trust me, they are crucial. 

It’s important to always find inspiration in the people, places and things around you. You might be surprised at how inspiring your life truly is. 


  1. Great post! I always try to spend a little time in the common areas of the places we’ve stayed; just observing the color schemes and patterns that have been utilized. They are usually big and open areas, especially in more upscale hotels, which means they can really explore bold and unique colors and patterns that may or may not work in smaller, livable areas in your home. As you said, the lighting has an immediate impact on what mood is imparted: comfy, exotic, sophisticated, romantic, stately; and that mood is generally carried out in the decor of your room. It does start the creative juices flowing on what you do like and don’t like and the tweaks you can apply that make a look work for you and your home. Thank you for your thought-provoking articles.

    1. So, I think I’m going to copy and paste this into my blog post and erase what I said because this captured what I wanted to say but so much better! Thank you 🙂

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