Flower Garland

When decorating for a party I am always looking for creative unexpected ways to have a theme without staying “on theme”. For a bridal shower, I knew that feminine touches would be perfect. A flower garland was needed to drape the front door and entrance table. Here is how I made it. 


Things needed:

  • Artificial flowers (real flowers can be used as well)
  • Thin string 
  • Wide eye needle

I wanted the garland to be more free flowing so I did a random placing of the flowers for some and others I used smaller buds on the ends and bigger flowers in the center. 

Continue threading until your desired length. I needed this garland to drape a table so I made it six feet long.   

I decided not to knot between each flower because it gave me the ability to adjust where I wanted the flowers placed  the day of the event. 

This can be a temporary decoration for a party or a permanent decoration for a nursery or girls room. 

These flower garlands are up on my etsy shop. Be sure to check it out!  Paper Plane


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