Pay It Forward Friday: Next World Bank

I recently came across an honorable movement in fashion that I couldn’t help but highlight. They’re called Next World Bank and they have an inspiring T-shirt Line.

Next World Bank is a social enterprise/fashion brand that celebrates those who love to give of themselves

The founder loves fashion and always wanted to design stylish t-shirts and apparel with conscious messages. Inspiration came from a spiritual teacher that would always ask, what are we putting into our next world bank account?

NWB’s brand represents the principles of giving and spiritual purification through modern style. They run on the philosophy that

 Every time you perform a good deed, any act of charity, you are paying for your passage into the next life.

The icing on the cake is that ALL profits are donated to various social causes. They are not in this market for this world, rather they are looking to make deposits in the NEXT WORLD BANK!

Their ultimate goal is to grow NWB to a globally recognizable brand known for doing good.


I’ve got mine, Go get Yours! Take a picture with your shirt and show us on Instagram @aidahscreativelife @nextworldbank

Website: Next World Bank

Instagram/Twitter: @nextworldbank

Facebook: Next World Bank

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