Pattern Mixing 4 Ways


I love mixing patterns and textures and making something interesting while still being put together. There is s method to the madness if you follow a few steps.  

1. Same colors different patterns. Having a Monochromatic color palette can get very boring, very quick. An easy way to bring interest is to mix up the patterns. As we see here they chose black and white but mixed in Gold and varying patterns to make this space anything but boring. 


2. Unifying Color:  An easy way to mix patterns is to have one bold print and one milder pattern with the exact colors. Here we see that Fusia and White are the unifying colors that make this space pop. 


3. Same Pattern Differnt Colors.  Another easy way to create interest in a room is to have similar patterns in different colors. Here we see the hexagonal shape on the wall and again in the peach accent pillow. This allowed for the introduction of the peach colors along with the  Gold tones. 


 4. Add Texture: Patterns can come from textures too. Here we see the Puff, Area Rug  and  Disco ball created an interesting mix. They kept these pieces neutral in color so that the pillows could be bold.


   Do you like pattern mixing as much as I do? Is this something you would try on your own home? 

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