Picking Paint Colors

I don’t know about you, but I love picking paint colors. All of the colors, all of the possibilities! Admittedly though, it can be a little overwhelming staring into the sea of colors. Where do you start? What shades or hue do you go with? These are just a few questions that I will answer.  Here are 5 steps in picking the perfect paint color for you.

1) Inspiration! I cannot stress this step more because it is the most important. If you have a favorite picture, pillow, accessory that you love and want to incorporate into the space then use this to drive your vision.

2) Set the Mood. Do you want the room to be light and airy or dark and moody. This will help you pick low saturated or high saturated colors.

3) Understand your style. Look at other rooms and find out what you are drawn to and what you really don’t like. You just might find the exact color you are looking for.

4) Utilize Samples. If you have narrowed your choices down to a few colors, get samples and test them out on your wall. Live with it for a few days and you will likely know which one you prefer.

5) Go with your gut. Going into the paint store, you probably have a color that you would like but might be hesitant to get the color in fear of making a “bad” choice. DON’T! There is no bad choice, simply personal taste. If you pick a bold color then you might want to play down the furniture and accessories and vise versa.

Are you a paint pro? What are your wall colors currently? What are your go to colors? I want to know!

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