Ugly Rain Boots Revamped



We were gifted these rain boots for my daughter and she absolutely loves them. Not only are they good for rainy days but they are also good for gardening and playing in the backyard. Everything is great, right?! Well, yes except for one small thing. They were (for lack of a better word) ugly and a little worn. So what is one to do? Give them a makeover of course! With a few around the house items these boots took on a new life!

Here is what you need:


After taping up the green border of the boots with some painters tape I had to use my handy-dandy exacto knife to cut around the scalloped edge. After the boots where sufficiently taped up, I spray painted the boots with a pink spray paint (get a spray paint that is good for rubber).
Once dry, it was time to paint on the seeds with a little black acrylic paint. I let them dry over night and they were ready to be worn!




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