Genuine Articles Review and Giveaway (Spring Box)

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So, If you didn’t see my last review of Genuine Articles then you probably don’t know how excited I am to be reviewing their spring box. Don’t worry you can check it out here. Ok, now that we are caught up, lets talk about the awesome charity that a percentage of the proceeds from each sale of this box will go to. This quarters charity is “Mushen“.  The name M.U.H.S.E.N  means “One who shows excellence and compassion” and stands for Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs. What an awesome organization that you can read more about here. I must say, knowing that each box that is purchased benefits a charity really says a lot about Genuine Articles.

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The first item that I pulled out the box was the Decal that is from Sweet Crafts By Asma. The mantra is great and i immediately started to think of all the places I could put it: laptop, office wall, journal, the list goes on.

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Next were Marshmallows from Simply Mallow.I must say that this particular item had me very excited. Anyone that eats Halal or pig free food knows what a struggle it is to have marshmallow let alone, gourmet marshmallows. This particular flavor is the raspberry and it was divine. I have since gone to their etsy shop and definitely plan on buying their other flavors.

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The next item in the box is an all natural remedy solution called Ultonic. Now this was an unexpected item that I was really happy to see. If anyone knows me then you know that I have chronic allergies. You would also know that I am not a fan of over the counter drugs so this all natural immunity booster is right up my alley. The great part is it is a paste with only seven ingredients that include ingredients like honey, black seed, and cinnamon just to name a few. I definitely have intentions of taking the recommended dosage. GoodBed (3 of 3)-2

I know what you are thinking. Could this box get any better? well it does! The next item is a set of bracelets from Hannah’s Gemstone Jewelry. These bracelets are really nice and can really be your everyday bracelets that go with everything!

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Last but surely not least are pair of greeting cards from The Friday Collective. I must admit, I am not big on cards because too often have seen people toss them to the side after receiving them. With that being said The Friday Collective have a very thoughtful collection of cards and paper goods. The quotes and sayings are inspirational and ones that I know will be cherished by those that receive them.

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Overall I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this Genuine Articles Box and would encourage anyone to sign up for yours. Get one for you and gift one to a friend or family member. This will have you feeling like a kid waiting for the mailman to arrive! Don’t forget to enter to win (US Residents Only)!



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