Getting Inspired

I talk a lot about inspiration because, well, thats the first step in doing anything creative. Inspiration is that little spark that snowballs into bigger ideas. It may start with online research but it can also come from an item that you see in the store and it opens up the possibilities for you. Whatever the inspiration may be, it is a vital first step in the planning process. I am very inspired by nature. I often times, either find inspiration outside, or very drawn to pieces that feel like I’m bringing the  outdoors in.

Check Out my video on the difference between the realities of inspiration and the perception:


I realize that I lean towards a Boho/International flair when it comes to design so I’m going to let that lead me in the direction I want to go in. Here are a few designs that have really gotten the wheels turning on what I want to do in my Dining Room.

dining1 dining2 dining3 Dining4 Dining5


Let me know how you get inspired?  What do you think of the photos that will serve as inspo?

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