Book Haul With Children of Color

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About a month ago, I had the pleasure to attend the HEY! Let’s Read! Book festival for Children of Color. Having 2 little girls, I know that POSITIVE representation matters especially in their foundation years of development. So, I was pretty stoked to attend and bring my girlies. I was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of books that were not only age appropriate for my 3 and 5 year old but a miriad of topics that they could enjoy as well. There were so many books!  I wish I could have bought them all but you know, budget. So here are the books that we got and the awesome authors that we met.
book haul2We got some real gems at the festival and was even surprised to see my name on one of the books!

Aida Brown Finds Her Crown.

aida brownaida brown


Overall the festival was top notch in my book (pun intended). Find the link to some of the books we got below. I know me and the girls have really enjoyed each and everyone of the books that we got that day. Be sure to check out the HEY! Let’s Read! for their month subscription. Are there any books that are special to you? I want to know….


Emotional Makayla

emotional mykalyla  emo2

Have You Thanked an Inventor Today


Ngozi’s Little Brown Princess Tea Party


Chef Diamond Goes Grocery Shopping

chef diamond

Princess Valerie


Siblins: Somebody took my Bunny


 Mikaela the Koala

mikaela the koala

Kids 2 Kings

kids 2 kings

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