Boho Bedroom Makeover for a Cause

I was contacted on behalf of my client because she had recently suffered a huge loss and needed a revamp of her master bedroom.  The room was used solely as a storage area. In fact, she had not slept in her bedroom since her husband passed away months before. During our consultation I got to know her a little better. We went through paint swatches and agreed on the color palette below.

color pallette

There was nothing that she liked about her room, ESPECIALLY her lime green walls. After our initial consultation she told me that she liked lively and bright colors. Yellow was a color that she had to have in the room. The bedroom also had to double as an office where she blogs and runs her family business. Aside from these few stipulations, she really gave me full reign to design the room how I saw fit. First things first, we had to paint those walls!


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Now that the walls had a very pale grey base, it was important to add color and visual interest. The bed is arguably the focal point of any room. I knew that I wanted to inject the majority of the color here. This deep teal really set the tone for the in home retreat feel that I was going for. Above the bed I hung beaded placemats that paired well with the bed. I love placing “non-wall” items on walls. It really provides visual interest.

tempImageFile(9)     tempImageFile(10)

The office area turned out to be my favorite part of the room. I thrifted the desk for less than $20. It was revamped with an awesome chalkboard desktop. I also thrifted the two floor lamps for $8 a piece. They really provided the whimsy that I wanted for this space. Instead of a traditional office chair, I decided to place a stool there instead. Not only did it provide the color that the room needed, it’s sleeker in design. Now she can work from home in style. ( *Side Note* Also thrifted in this office area are the vase, baskets, and candles.

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I MUST HIGHLIGHT THE FAUX WALLPAPER, WHAAAT! This is where the requested yellow came into play. Wallpaper was too expensive, so with the help of local muralist, Hannan, we were able to produce the best part of the room. I hung three shadow boxes that also provided a contrasting pop of color by simply painting the rim of each one the same deep teal as the bedspread.


tempImageFile(4) tempImageFile(5)

Artwork is always the hardest thing for me to source. Artwork should really be the soul of the person who inhabits the space.  I knew that the client loved herbs, gardening, and tye dye. With this knowledge, I really wanted to impart  her interests into the room. I was happy with the selections.

tempImageFile(7)    tempImageFile(6)tempImageFile


In the end, Not only was I very happy with the end result but so was the client. This whole design including bed and furniture cost $500. I know! hard to believe. This was truly a community effort because I had so much help from sourcing, install day, painting,  donations, etc. I am grateful that we were able to pull this design off in 2 weeks from concept to finish. Most of all, I am happy that now this widower has a fresh start in her room.  A peaceful place to lay her head.


  1. Aidah, you are so talented. A true entrepreneur. I wish you every success to follow your dreams, the sky is the limit.

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