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Conscious Living for The Non-Hippie ( J/K Hippies welcome too!)

I recently had the pleasure of having a consultation with a client that contacted me because her and her family recently moved and wanted a new start in their new place. They have always been conscious about the way they live, consumerism, and living holistically but they have really started to follow the principles of the “nutritious movement”. I’d never heard of this movement so I asked for some links and did a little research. From what I gathered the movement is incorporating more movement into your daily life. This can mean having a standing desk, tables that are low to the ground, no chairs or seating really, other than pillow or stumps on the ground, low and moveable beds and textures throughout the home. It was all very fascinating to me because this was new to me. However, she quickly reminded me that this is the way that the majority of the world lives, especially  Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It was pretty cool that she touched on this fact because it really goes back to my previous post about Finding My Roots in Design.

I know that following this movement might not be your cup of tea but it is important to start living consciously and it starts in your home first.

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Here are 3 easy ways that you can start living more Holistically:

1- Declutter- Get rid of everything that you don’t need. This will clear up space in your home to move and free up mental space. A cluttered home often means a cluttered brain

2- Get Organized- Organization is the key to a well functioning home. Make sure that you are using less time thinking about where things are. If you are organized you will also send less time cleaning and more time living life to the fullest and being active.

3- Personalize your home- Really give some thought to the way your family functions. At the consultation, the client decided to take her living room space and convert it into a dining room because she entertains, a lot. Thats great, because that works for her. Think of your home as malleable. It has the ability to be shaped and molded into what you want it to be. Once you personalize your home you will quickly find out what should stay and what should go!

4-Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose- Instead of throwing that furniture piece away and getting a new one, why not consider repurposing it? It can be a cool way to breath new light into an older piece.

What are some ways that you live consciously in your home?

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