Creative Life Spotlight: Medina Grillo

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Each Month I will highlight a creative that I admire.  We all have different ways of expressing our creativity but a love for the craft runs through. Today I am highlighting a fellow Interior design enthusiast, DIYer, and Blogger: Medina Grillo of Grillo Designs!

What’s your story into becoming a DIY Designer?

Having a  limited budget to decorate .. is what ultimately got me in to DIY.That and the fact that  creating became a way for me to relax after a busy and sometimes stressful day at work.  My first proper DIY project were shelves I made from suitcases.  SEE SHELVES HERE


What’s your process when approaching a new project?

 I try my best to use products or material that I already have (which isn’t too hard seeing as I have a whole garage full of stuff I can’t throw out). I usually sketch out my idea on a paper to help bring it to life outside of my mind. You wont believe this, but I sleep with a little pad next to why bed. My best ideas come to me at night (or in dreams) strangely.  I always make sure to jot them done before I forget! 

What have been some of your favorite projects and some of your most challenging projects?

My favorite DIY project is the bench I built for my entrance! It was the first time building anything solely by myself – without my husbands input. SEE BENCH HERE.


My most challenging was creating the OSB doors for my wardrobe in my bedroom. I actually sill haven’t got round to doing a tutorial for it yet for that very reason! SEE DOORS HERE.


So, what’s your definition of Creativity?

I think  creativity is how we perceive the world in order to make something or even how we use our imagination to fulfill a certain concept or idea. 

Give us a sneak peek into your everyday life. Do you have a routine you follow?

I’m very much a night owl – unfortunately.  I like to create quick to do lists in the morning, do a few house chores and then mostly blogging scheduling and upkeep before my son gets home from school. If I know I have to take photographs for a blog post or I have to build something – I  try and do this in the day time to make good use of the light. Evenings are my chill out time with my son and/or hubby (if he’s not working). Even if I go to bed late, I only tend to work on my blog at late hours if I’m behind on a deadline. 

How do you get inspired?

Instagram these days. It used to be pinterest, but Instagram is def my go to place now for inspirations. The interior and diy community on there is out of this world! 

Big thank you to Medina for opening up to us on her journey, and process. I truly enjoyed getting to know you a little better. I am a HUGE fan of your work and will continue to follow you along the way Insha’Allah!

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