Massive List of Ramadan Decor

Ready or not, Ramadan is right around the corner. It’s less than a month away, with an expected start day of May 15, to be exact.  As we prep our minds and bodies for the month long fast and reflection, I think it is also important to get in the spirit by also decorating your homes to celebrate the month. Personally, I usually wait until the very LAST minute to put up decorations and then end up throwing some balloons on the wall and calling it a day. Not this year, insha’Allah! I am being proactive and getting my inspiration in early. I thought I would share some of the cool decor that I found along the way.

Advent Calendars:




2. Hand Made Beginnings 



3. Muslim Learning Garden

cones calander

4. My Sweet Blog 

hanger calandar


Ramadan Garlands and Printables

5. Sweet Fajr 

ramadan banner


6. Amal Design (printable)



7. Sidra Art Boutique ( Printable) 

print 28. Manooka



9. Habibi Arabic Shop 



Ramadan Decor

10. Oh Happy Day – Moon Pinata

moon pinata




11. Rey of Light Design- Activity Book 

activity book


12. Moon Decoration 



Ramadan Edibles

13. Sweet Pillar – Cookies



14. Ramadan Cake 

cake purple


15. Ramadan Pie 



16. Moon Pie 

moon pie


Well there you have it! I hope this was helpful in prepping for the Ramadan Bliss. Drop a line and tell me what’s your favorite Ramadan Decor Idea?



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