Black and White Bathroom Design

I was contacted to do a bathroom design in a rental for a deserving couple. It was clear to me from the very first time we met how much they loved each other which really inspired me. After speaking with them I got an understanding of their style. The wife had a signature style that was all black and white with splashes of red. I knew that the addition of red would be a challenge, BUT one that I was willing to take on.




The first thing that I had to keep in mind was that this was for a rental so everything had to be removable, if need be. This presented a particular challenge because I had to retrain my brain to think in these terms. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are a lot of cool and inspiring items that are made for rental properties. I knew that the red would be a difficult color to design with so I decided to get the color needed in the floors. The floors were a vinyl, self adhesive tile. These were the perfect first buy to base the rest of the design on.


The clients also expressed their love for African designs and inspiration. I decided to add an extra pop with pattern mixing. I absolutely love the way that the removable wall paper added an ease and visual interest needed in this space.


Next the clients expressed to me their dislike for their standard builder grade apartment mirror. Again, the challenge was it being a rental so things had to be temporary. I decided to do a removable frame for the mirror. In this case, if the time came that they needed to move, they could simply take the frame off.



Lastly the final accessories and touches really pulled the room together.


Overall, I am super happy and pleased with the way the bathroom came together. It was a challenge, but something that I look back on fondly. Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite part of the bathroom?




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