Top 10 Books Every Black Muslim Girl Should Read

It’s Black History Month and I’m definitely not too woke to take some extra time out this month to reflect, teach, and learn about our ancestors and pioneers of today. It’s funny because I had an epiphany!  My generation is the 1st generation of born and raised African American Muslims to Raise Muslims children. That’s epic, and also uncharted territory which is a little scary.

I am constantly finding the balance between celebrating both Blackness AND Islam, making sure that my girls are both balanced and proud of their identity. I am so happy to see that Black Muslim Girls are starting to get books that feature girls like them. Representation Matters! It’s important that it is normalized for them to see themselves in books, TV, etc.

I have come up with an ever growing collection of books for my girls and I thought I would share it with you!

Take a look at the 10 books every Black Muslim Girl should read. Let me know if I missed some good books in the comments below.

SALAM and Enjoy!

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