Dresses with Pants

In my never ending quest for modern modesty, I constantly have to become creative when it comes to “hijabifying” an outfit. Some pieces are just too cute to pass up like this dress that I ...

Hijabi Summer Survival Kit

Well it’s summer time and that means it’s time for the question ” Are you hot”? Welp, the answer is probably yes, because it’s SUMMER! Ok, I know the question is meant to...

Episode 1 of HOME FREE!

You may have seen me and my lovely Husbsnd on the Fox show “Home Free”. Episode 1, we were tasked to do an Entertainers Backyard! What a fun and creative challenge. What wasn’t so fu...

Eid Is Near

Eid (Muslim Holiday) is approaching and that means that people are prepping for the big day. While growing up my mom would make my outfits (spoiled I know) but as an adult I have to shop for this spec...